What is Stressbuster1?

A website designed to distract you (and me) from the everyday junk that causes stress. It’s been said that humor can be a powerful stress deterrent. My aim is to let the humor and fun in my site’s content bring you relief from your stress. (I’m no psychologist but I hope I make you laugh!)

What is the content you mentioned?

Funny and Fun: cartoons, jokes, videos, games, pictures, creative pages, fun feeds and surprises. AND NOW COOL STRESSBUSTER1 PRODUCTS

Who owns Stressbuster1?

Jim Andrew. Former New Yorker, current Floridian, artist, website designer, CAD drafter, cartoonist, stress-buster, world traveler (someday).

When was Stressbuster1 started?

July7, 1999.

Where did you get the idea to start Stressbuster1, Jim?

One day, a friend sent me an email with a cartoon form another website and wrote, “View this cartoon when you feel stressed out.” This gave me the idea to start a website that people could go to when they are feeling stressed.

Why Stressbuster1 and not just plain Stressbuster?

Stressbuster.com was already taken. Hence, the 1 was used to fix the problem and kinda make us unique.

Who designed the Stressbuster1 website, Jim?

Yours truely!


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